Our Approach

Values-based investing
and our process

The values-based portfolios we build are not only successful, but also integrated with your values. If you are a strong believer in sustainable energy, companies who value women in the workplace and clean oceans, your portfolio directly reflects that. At the same time, we avoid investments that counter your morals, values, and beliefs. We follow a step-by-step, comprehensive process that includes getting to know you and your family, assessing your values, and critically thinking about and discussing your goals.

We are a values-based financial advisory firm that focuses on the success of achieving our client’s financial goals and celebrating each success with them along the way.” – Lydia Admire

Introduction – Getting to know you

This includes completing the Revo Financial Values Inventory, discussing the financial planning process, understanding your Risk Profile, and reviewing goals and prioritization.

Planning – Identifying and outlining your goals

In this next step we explore plans and agree to them, design your portfolio, complete paperwork, and discuss risk perception.

60-day review – Choosing the route forward

This is when we verify account funding, review statements and online access, talk about partnering with specialist including CPAs and attorneys, and map out future meetings.

Communication – Keeping in touch

Through phone calls, email, and portfolio reviews, together we ensure that your portfolio always reflects changes in your life.

Monitoring progress – Evaluating and updating

It’s important to monitor and evaluate our progress toward your goals and make adjustments as necessary. Expect progress reports from our team.

Values that are on point

A Foundation Built On Trust

Trust is the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, and effective – and that is the standard each person on our team lives by. Each connection we have with a client is an opportunity to nurture our relationship and build trust. It is essential to the long-term partnerships we value with our clients and the foundation of who we are as a company.

Faith In Action

We are Christians who believe it is important to align investment decisions with faith based values. We prioritize our client’s financial opportunities while seeking to glorify God through the investment process. We honor the Bible’s teachings concerning money and stewardship, and work to do good unto others.

Finding Contentment

We coach clients, teaching them to discern how much wealth they need to feel fulfilled in life. Once you determine that threshold – through a process that includes thoughtful consideration, communication with family and prayer – we help you find opportunities to be a blessing to others, whether that is in your family, church or community.