Our Family

“We are a family of financial advisors whose specialty is biblically responsible planning strategies, and we counsel clients on stewardship. This goes from the planning process all the way to implementation. Investors are owners in a company, and we think investments should be something you believe in and can be proud of.” – Lucas Nettles

Our Story

We are a family of highly skilled and faith-based financial advisors who serve those seeking to invest their money alongside their values. Our clients want to grow wealth, but not at the cost of the beliefs and values they hold dear. In today’s world, investors have become distant from their money. 

Typically, people look harder at a company’s bottom line than they do their mission statements. At Revo Financial we do both.

Our engagement process for working with our clients is well defined. It includes working through a values inventory that guides your family in identifying core values, so that when our team crafts your portfolio, it reflects those ideals. We mentor and counsel you through the process, which, through communication, reflection, and prayer, is deeply personal and powerful. 

We believe that as an investor you are an owner in a company. As any good owner would, you care about things like how employees are treated and if the product being sold meets the greater good. Those are the very things we focus on, and only invest where and when your values are a match. At the end of the day you know you have put your money where your values are. Period.

Meet Our Family

  • Bob Marlowe, CPA
    Owner & President

    Bob is a personal wealth advisor in our Montgomery, Texas, office who started his financial services career in 2008 after a successful 24-year career in the oil and gas industry. Bob maintains his CPA license as well as his license for insurance, securities, and financial advice. He also provides wealth management services for clients and find joy in helping families invest where their values are. Bob loves traveling with Heidi, his wife of 30 years, and enjoys seeing the world through the eyes of his new grandson. Bob is actively involved as a volunteer at his local church and enjoys serving on the board of directors of Inspiration Ranch, a charity that helps special needs children and their families.

    Bob Values: replacing a client’s fears about reaching their financial goals with the assurance of knowing that they have a plan that reflects both their goals and values.

    See what Bob is passionate about.

  • Mom Marlowe, CPA, Revo Financial
  • Jon Nettles, CFP®
    Owner & Chief Executive Officer

    Jon started his financial services career in 2002 after a successful 23-year career in the oil and gas and petrochemical industry as an engineer, and manager. He provides all types of financial planning and wealth management services for clients with focus on values and faith-based investing. Jon is married, loves working with his two children, Lucas and Lydia, and enjoys spending time with his 4 grandchildren. Jon also participates in the Gideons, Rotary International, Kingdom Advisors and Young Americas Foundation.

    Jon Values: seeing clients really connecting with their financial plans and investments because they are aligned with who they are, aligned with their values.

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  • Jon Nettles, CFP®
  • Lucas Nettles, CFP® and CKA®
    Personal Financial Planner

    Lucas Nettles is a personal financial planner and securities specialist who joined Revo in 2019. He holds licenses for securities, financial advice and insurance and provides risk management analysis, income planning, estate planning and various other financial planning services. Lucas is married with four children. He is an avid runner and enjoys regularly serving in preaching and teaching at his church.

    Lucas Values: Family, biblical stewardship, generosity, and integrating faith and work.

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  • Lucas Nettles, CFP® and CKA®
  • Lydia Admire
    Income & Risk Management Specialist

    Lydia started her financial services career in 2018 after a career in psychology as a behavioral therapist. Lydia holds a license for insurance and provides risk management analysis, income planning, and estate planning. Lydia is married with one child. She enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and crafting. Lydia is also involved with special needs charities and nonprofit organizations for women and children.

    Lydia Values: Family, building relationships, helping clients achieve their goals and feel secure and confident in the future of their finances.

    See what Lydia is passionate about.

  • Selina VanCleave
    Client services associate

    Selina cares for our Revo family of investors day in and day out, taking customer relations to the next level. She joined Revo Financial in 2019 and looks forward to helping each advisor reach their goals. Trust Selina to meet all your business needs quickly and with a smile.

    Selina Values: Timely responsiveness. Getting things done for clients efficiently and going beyond expectations.

  • Selina VanCleave
  • Peggy Mogus
    Office manager & client services director

    Peggy started her career in financial services in 2004. Her focus is on ensuring all advisors and associates business needs are met in an effective and efficient manner. Trust Peggy to provide client support with precision and efficiency.

    Peggy Values: Providing the best personal customer service possible with sincere concern for the client’s needs and providing honest support and guidance to our staff.

  • Peggy Mogus



Sowell Management

Registered Investment Advisor

On a daily basis, Revo Financial works hand-in-hand with Sowell Management. Formed in 1995, Sowell is a pioneer as a fee-based fiduciary and a nationwide industry leader in the Registered Investment Advisor space. Known as an “advisor to financial advisors,” Sowell Management is a valued partner providing a full breadth of support and resources with best-in-class technology, portfolio and planning offerings and advisement, back-office services and more. Because of Sowell’s diversity of services and broad strength, Revo Financial has a solid and trusted partner that helps give back the most precious commodity – more time to spend with you.

SEI Solutions

Investment Firm

After 50 years in business, SEI (NASDAQ:SEIC) remains a leading global provider of investment processing, investment management, and investment operations solutions that help corporations, financial institutions, financial advisors, and ultra-high-net-worth families create and manage wealth. As of Dec. 31, 2018, through its subsidiaries and partnerships in which the company has a significant interest, SEI manages, advises or administers $884 billion in hedge, private equity, mutual fund and pooled or separately managed assets, including $307 billion in assets under management and $573 billion in client assets under administration.

University Impact

Donor-Advised Fund

University Impact (UI) is a nonprofit that invests in companies and nonprofits solving social and environmental problems. Investments are focused on funding the most promising social ventures. Their goal is to create the next generation of social impact leaders and provide capital to social ventures solving social and environmental problems. UI does this by providing undergraduate and graduate students with an immersive, hands-on learning experience in impact investing and philanthropy. Our associates learn to perform rigorous due diligence and measure social impact through debt and equity investments. Students can then use their experiences to do social good throughout the entirety of their careers. UI hosts the unique Triple Donor-Advised Fund and helps you create the most impact with your investments.

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