Our Services

Financial planning

We develop and review financial plans that outline important aspects, including cash flow analysis and investment reviews, then provide the recommendations you need to grow wealth. A solid financial plan includes the activities, resources and materials needed to achieve financial goals and objectives in a feasible time frame.

We provide our clients with financial plans that express their goals, hopes and dreams. We also help them implement those plans to achieve their life goals. Our purpose is to become their trusted financial advisor – one who believes that their goals are important and worthy of respect.” – Bob Marlowe

Values-based investments and management

When we build a financial plan for you, we consider your values and goals. We invest in a way that matches your values so you can feel good about the wealth you build. We manage your portfolios as if they were our own.

Wealth preservation strategies

We employ an active approach to wealth preservation while mitigating risk. We take a holistic view of assets and diversification to provide the greatest protection.

Tax efficient investing 

One of our primary strengths is tax smart planning and strategy development, which involves choosing the right investments in the right accounts at the right time. Taxes are complicated, but you can trust us to understand them.

Family wealth planning

Planning for the future may not seem fun, but it is not something that should be delayed. It can be devasting to your heirs if it is not done properly and can be costly. By working with a financial professional who specializes in estate planning analysis, you gain the peace of mind knowing that the legacy you worked hard for will last.

Risk management and insurance

If your life takes an unexpected turn, there’s comfort knowing you have planned for it. That is where insurance and risk management strategies come into play. We help you determine what, and how much, insurance you need to ensure a safety net for you and your family. We partner with you for life, and we are here to guide you when your insurance needs change.

Income strategies and annuities

Revo Financial has experts specializing in income strategies and annuities. We can build those into your wealth management plan. An insurance product, annuities can help you reduce risk. We determine if an annuity or other income strategies can be a beneficial part of your portfolio.

How we’re different

At Revo, we stand out. While we work similarly to other financial advisors, there are big differences – most notably that we infuse faith, family, and values into all that we do.